Should students be back in school (prior to child vaccinations)?
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Steve@Agreedis (30)Invite1156 days ago
Students should be given the option of returning to school. Many children do not learn well virtually. Plus the impact is worse on disadvantaged children who were already struggling or whose parents cannot work from home.

Having said that, we have chosen to not send our kids back to school. I have a 8th grader and 4th grader. We discussed this decision with them. Our 4th grader would love to see his friends, but cannot tolerate wearing a mask for 6+ hours per day, especially given his spring allergies. Our 8th grader would also love to go back, but other than band, classes would basically be like Zoom except in person.

Both kids would have been in school 2 days per week. We had concerns about buses, lunch and our children being infected by asymptomatic children of other families who have been less cautious.

We have plenty of friends who will be sending their kids back to school. New COVID cases in the Seattle area have leveled off, but are not decreasing. Plus new variants seem to be more contagious. For us, it was just not worth the risk given the relatively minimal upside.

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