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Help find common ground on when abortions should be legal for both adults and women under 18. Also includes fetal homicide laws and abortion coverage by private insurance and Medicaid.
Several coal export terminals have been proposed in the Oregon and Washington. Should the Gateway Pacific Terminal be built? If so, how should the impacts be mitigated?
Let's find a compromise for whether gay people should be permitted to marry, have civil unions, adopt children, be protected from discrimination, and be entitled to standard state and federal benefits of marriage.
Should drugs such as marijuana, heroin, meth and cocaine be legalized, decriminalized, or kept illegal? If legalized, how would that work? And should employers be permitted to test employees for drug?
Perhaps if we ask the Israeli and Palestinean people (instead of their "leaders") how to finally achieve peace, they can find a peaceful compromise that everyone can live with.
Assuming the Kings are moving to Seattle as the new Sonics, should the Arena be built in SODO? What about the Port of Seattle, government financing and transportation issues? Let's find a compromise instead of getting bogged down in the standard "Seattle Way."
How can we make elections more fair? Let's agree on the electoral college, voter ID laws, fund-raising and spending restrictions, voting accessibility, congressional redistricting, and potential changes to the primary election process.
Let's find a practical solution to determining which of the 10+ million illegal US immigrants should be permitted to stay, whether illegal immigrants are entitled to public education, and whether police and employers are required to verify and report illegal immigrants.

Pending Problems:

We are currently working on determining our action items for the problems listed below.
We cannot begin solving these problems until each has a complete list of action items.
Please help suggest action items or like/dislike existing suggestions.

Should there be restrictions on purchases of handguns, assault rifles and other ammunition? Should background checks be required at gun shows? What about concealed weapon permits?


Medicare is a huge and rapidly-growing expense for states and the federal government. How should we change Medicare to control costs? Should it simply be replaced by private insurance?

Should the world's oldest profession be illegal, decriminalized or legalized? How should we treat pimps & madams, customers and under-aged prostitutes?


How can we ensure Social Security continues to be financially solvent and does not bankrupt our country? Can it afford to pay benefits to our grandchildren? Should it be fixed or even scrapped altogether?

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